ZIP - Buy the things you want, when you want them!


At Robe Boutique in Rangiora we think everyone should be able to have pretty things especially when it comes to clothing!

This is why we offer our online and in-store customers ZIP (formally known as PartPay). With ZIP, you pay a quarter of the purchase price at checkout, enjoy your purchase right away, then pay another quarter for the next three fortnights. Not a cent more.

Here is some more information about ZIP!

How can I use ZIP to purchase clothing at Robe Boutique?

It’s easy. You shop online with us as usual then select ZIP at checkout. The first time you use ZIP we need some details from you (just name, date of birth, address and driver licence number) so we can do a quick automatic identification and credit assessment. The ZIP system does this instantaneously and if it’s all approved, you agree the instalment plan and we take the first instalment. You also need to be over 18 and be buying something in New Zealand dollars from a New Zealand retailer. You get your goods as usual and we pay the retailer straight away – so everyone’s happy.

Can I make a ZIP purchase in-store a Robe Boutique?

You sure can! To shop using ZIP In-Store at Robe Boutique  you can either download the ZIP mobile app (available on Apple or Android) or just log-in to your account on the website. You then simply navigate to "in-store" and create an in-store code which is shown to staff to spend up to your available balance.

Do you really mean no interest & no fees?

Yes – but if you miss an instalment ZIP do charge a default fee. The default fee is $8 and a further $8 for every week the payment is outstanding.

How much can I can spend with ZIP?

The max ZIP spend limit is $1,000, and your spend limit will be allocated based on an individualised credit assessment. If you purchase regularly using ZIP and always make your repayments on time your spending limit will increase. At Robe Boutique you can spend above your ZIP available credit by paying any difference up-front.

Can I make an early repayment?

Sure. Just log on to your customer account and follow the instructions. If you have any trouble, please email ZIP directly at

Happy Shopping!

The Girls at Robe xx